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Safety ReminderSafe can be fun too

Wear a mask.Wash your hands.And, as my mom used to tell me over and over as a teen, Don’t touch your face.
StarloftsPgh has a great system to help these efforts.
Pizza and beer.One in each hand.Very hard to touch your face.
Today is Pizza Tuesday AND, As a bold safety measure, we are recommending a takeout from Gaucho Parrilla.


IT’S ALMOST OVER!!I think I need a drink and its Margarita Monday

Perfect timing! But that’s not all!! I got promises for you…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I wasn’t sure if this day would ever come.The day where there is only 1 more day until it’s over.I mean, this has been so crazy that I think I need a drink. 
Perfect timing.
TODAY IS MARGARITA MONDAY!! It’s almost like this was meant to be.If you feel like I feel, have one tonight.If you don’t feel like I feel, you should have one anyway.
But there’s more….
Even though it might be officially over tomorrow, I got asneaky suspicion its not really gunna be over. Call me crazy.Come Wednesday and Thursday I’m pretty sure I’m still gunna need another drink.
Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered…Because I got a sneaky suspicion I’m gunna need a drink then too.
Margarita Monday just might be the best thing about this 2016 election season.