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You may not think so, but your bedroom is probably the most important room in your home. It’s the place where you get to unwind and relax after your busy day and, if you’re lucky enough, to grab an extra snooze on the weekends.


Your bed is the reason for the existence of this room and should be the focal point. However, there’s no need to get carried away with what’s fashionable at the time; your priority should be comfort. 

As far as comfort goes, the mattress is by far the most critical part. There’s a bewildering array of choices out there, so you may want to check US-Mattress to help you decide what’s best for you. Bear in mind that a good mattress should last you ten years or more if well cared for, and don’t be afraid to invest in this – you’ll be grateful for it when you sleep well in comfort.


Although we often think of the bedding, pillows, cushions, and rugs as the soft furnishings of a room, you would do well not to forget the curtains, especially for a bedroom. Depending on where you live, these could range from decorative to more functional. 

For instance, if you live in an inner-city environment, you may find you need heavier curtains to block out light and noise. Even if you live in the countryside, you may want to block the moonlight streaming in through your windows at night. 

As far as your bedding goes, opt for soft and cozy to lull you to sleep. You may prefer bright and bold colors or more delicate embroidered finishes. If you’re unsure what color scheme to choose for your bedroom, look for tips for the best and worst colors for sleep, especially if you’re one of those unfortunates who struggle to get to sleep at night.


Your choice of soft furnishings will already have set the tone for your master bedroom, but there are still some subtle touches you can add to create a space you’ll be delighted with. Lighting, fragrance, and music can all have small but profound influences on the ambiance of any room.


Lighting may be the last thing many of us think of. After all, bedrooms are supposed to be dark, aren’t they? The truth is, we still need some light in our bedrooms, whether it’s just ambient light for mood or slightly brighter, more focussed light for reading in bed. 

Your choice of lamps and light fittings can add interesting detail to your bedroom. This is an area where you can be creative and get the overall effect you desire.


It’s a good idea to ensure there’s fresh air in your bedroom. There’s no need to worry about the cold in winter if you have heavy curtains. A few sprigs of soothing lavender in a small vase near your bed will undoubtedly add to the ambiance but remember to place it where you won’t easily knock it over.


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Plants at your Starloft home!

Having a green thumb right away would be nice, but that’s not always the case for most folks, and it certainly wasn’t the case for me. During the pandemic, I started gravitating towards plants. But sadly, plant after plant in my care would reach their ultimate doom, sometimes less than a month after bringing them home. This made me question if plants were really right for me. What was I doing wrong? Why were my plants wilting and dropping leaves so frequently? Ultimately, it had less to do with me having a green thumb and more to do with researching and understanding various plants and the environments they thrive in. It hadn’t occurred to me that, maybe, just maybe, every plant has different needs. So, while I didn’t have a green thumb immediately after bringing my first plants home, I read up on them, talked to them, and figured out all their plant necessities. Now my house is a thriving plant mecca filled with good vibes, fresh air, and lush greenery. My advice is not to be discouraged or throw away that wilting plant just yet; you have a chance to turn it around. A green thumb is on the horizon!


Plants are not only beautiful decor for your apartment, but they liven up your living space. Not to mention, they’re proven to have some pretty amazing health benefits. The fact is that we have a strong connection to nature. It has been scientifically proven that being out in nature around trees and letting the sun’s rays warm your skin can reduce stress and even boost your mood. While most of us don’t live in a tropical paradise, we can still bring a little bit of paradise into our homes. Multiple studies have shown that indoor plants keep owners healthier and happier, offering an array of physical and psychological health benefits that include: 

  • Reduce Stress
  • Brighten mood / reduce fatigue
  • Sharpen attention/ boost productivity
  • Therapeutic (horticultural therapy)
  • Improve indoor air quality

Important to note: All plants mentioned are pet-friendly and not toxic to cats or dogs. For more information about toxic and non-toxic plants, visit the ASPCA


Are you not quite sure what plant to start with? Well, beginners, you are in luck! These plants require little maintenance and won’t take up too much of your time. So, if you’re constantly on the go, traveling for work or pleasure, these starter plants may work best for your lifestyle.

Some Succulents

There is a large variety of succulents like echeverias or hens and chicks that are pet-friendly. These small babies do best in bright light and only need watering every couple of weeks, perfect for renters on the go. Just be mindful not to overwater these drought-tolerant plants or root rot will occur, ultimately killing the plant. 

Spider plant aka Chlorophytum comosum

Spider plant is a very adaptable plant that thrives in indirect light. It’s said to be one of the easiest-to-grow houseplants. This spiderlike plant quickly produces other plants that dangle from the “momma spider” plant like a spiderweb. Give them well-drained soil and bright or indirect light, and they’ll grow long and luscious. 

African violet aka Saintpaulia

These lovely plants come in a variety of pink and purple hues and require low maintenance. African violets are sure to brighten up your space with their blooms that typically last year-round. For a happy plant, place these beauties in bright indirect sunlight and keep the soil moderately moist. 

Friendship Plant aka Pilea involucrata 

This propagation-friendly plant is — like the name suggests — perfect for sharing with friends. They grow well in medium to low light and typically don’t grow taller than 12 inches. They prefer humid environments, but a humidifier will help with that. This low-maintenance, velvet-like plant appreciates moist soil and six to eight hours of light (not direct sun).


Renters in big cities may have less window space or less lighting. If your apartment lacks windows, no worries; there are plenty of plants out there that thrive in little to low light environments. 

Chinese Evergreen aka Aglaonema

Chinese evergreen does amazing in low light and only needs to be fertilized twice a year. Be sure to let the soil dry out between watering so that you won’t drown this beauty. Ideally, you can place these plants on tabletops or put them in a plant stand in your bedroom or living area. 


Lucky bamboo is said to bring good energy and fortune into your home — who wouldn’t want that? Bamboo can grow in indirect light, and certainly, some species of bamboo do well in low light as well. You have the choice of using water or soil as their growing medium, so go with whichever aesthetic fits your apartment decor. This stocky plant is ideal for desks or coffee tables, as they won’t take up much space. Your guest will love this nice accent piece. 

Prayer Plant aka Maranta leuconeura

These glossy dark-green plants can grow up to 10-12 inches and do exceptionally well in low-light environments. As the name suggests, these plants will fold up like praying hands at night and return to lying flat during the daytime. They flourish in humid environments and love lots of fertilizer and moist soil. 

Parlor Palm aka Chamaedorea elegans

These beautiful, tropical plants can grow up to six feet tall. They have bamboo-like stems that thrive in medium to bright indirect light but can easily tolerate low light. Water them every one to two weeks, making sure the soil dries out between watering. Place these luscious plants in the corner of your living room with some indirect sunlight and watch them grow. 

Rabbit Foot Fern aka Davallia griffithianaa 

Rabbit foot are trendy plants that are perfect for hanging. These plants prefer environments with high humidity. A quick fix would be to invest in a humidifier to keep this plant flourishing. Just remember to keep their soil moist, mist the leaves daily to add humidity, and they’ll thrive. Place these quirky plants in a hanging pot in your bathroom, kitchen, or living room and they’ll be happy.


Zebra Plants aka Aphelandra squarros

Zebra plants are known for their shiny leaves and dark green foliage. Their striped foliage prefers humid environments due to their tropical nature. Renters with small apartments will love these pretty plants. Have some potting soil that drains well and keep the soil moist for a happier plant. They usually only get up to two feet tall, which is ideal for smaller apartments. They will add some fun and bright decor to any small space.

Lace Flower Vine aka Alsobia dianthiflora

These vine-like plants can be tempting to pets, so they are best to house in a hanging planter out of the way of mischief. Place them in bright, indirect light and be sure to water them whenever the soil starts to feel dry. The stems will grow about three feet long, but you can easily cut stems to maintain them. Sit back, relax, and watch their vines add character to small apartments.

Polka Dot Plant

For renters who want to add some color into their space, the polka dot plant may be a great fit for you. These colorful guys can grow up to three feet and typically stay on the smaller side. Make sure they stay in bright, indirect light with their soil remaining moist. Treat them with lots of love and care, and their white or pink polka dots will continue to shine and brighten up your mood.


If you’re tired of constantly getting herbs from the local grocery store, we’d recommend giving a kitchen garden a shot. Chefs and foodies will love having their own herbs at their fingertips. These are the easiest plants to grow on a windowsill in your kitchen or living room: 


Basil is a fragrant plant that thrives in warm weather. Place them near a warm window with plenty of direct light. They prefer moist soil, so try not to let them dry out.


These fragrant plants grow well with bright light and will thrive in south-facing windows. You can also grow them under artificial light. Allow the soil to become slightly dry between watering.


This aromatic plant is said to be the easiest herb to grow. Thyme needs plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil. Allow soil to dry before watering, and be sure to fertilize every two weeks for the best results.


Oregano loves warm environments, needing six to eight hours of sun daily. Place them near a south-facing window that gets plenty of light. Be sure to let the soil dry out between watering to avoid root rot.


These flavorful plants need direct sunlight for four to five hours per day. Make sure they are potted with suitable drainage holes. Check the soil to make sure it’s dry before watering again.  

Catnip (for the kitties)

Catnip needs up to five hours of sunlight daily. They prefer medium moisture and require a pot that has the proper drainage to avoid root rot. 


While some of these plants are pretty popular, they are highly toxic to pets. If you have a cat or dog constantly getting into things, please avoid these plants at all costs. 

  • Aloe
  • Alocasia
  • Pothos aka Devil’s Ivy
  • Peace lily / Lilies
  • ZZ plants

Plants are a great addition to your rental space and are sure to brighten up your mood and apartment. Remember, a green thumb may not happen overnight, but with some patience and a bit of research, you’ll have your own lush green living space in no time. 

47th season announced by the Pittsburgh Public Theater

Pittsburgh Public Theater has announced the organization’s 47th season – ALL ABOARD! – kicking off this October online and in person. The Public recently completed the Classics N’at online benefit reading series, the second iteration of the organization’s Public PlayTime series. After welcoming thousands of new audiences throughout the course of the past 15 months, The Public has set its sights on a triumphant return to live performance, and a season poised to be one of the most memorable yet.

Take a tour of http://www.skyloftpgh.com, call Janet for a personal tour. 412.943.7660

Seafood Pasta & Bean Soup

This is a great recipe to make at your home in the http://www.starloftspgh.com

4 Servings:

10 ounces Bartolotti beans, drained and cooked with a pinch of bicarhonate
8 oz. cleaned tiny mollusks; baby Octopus, baby squid, curled octopus, mussels and tartufo (warty venus)
3-1/2-5 oz. lobster bisque
1/4 cup white wine
1/4 cup olive oil
2 oz. smoked pancetta bacon
Salt and chilli pepper
2 cloves garlic
1/2 onion, thinly sliced
5 0z. tomato pulp
Aromatic herbs: parsley, etc.

7 oz. fettuccine-type pasta cut in small, irregular pieces
Cook the beans. Sauté in oil the cloves or garlic, onion, chilli pepper and smoked bacon. Remove the garlic when brown. Add the tomato pulp and
the mollusks, which have been previously cleaned and prepared. When the cooking is completed, mix beans, mollusks (plus the cooking liquid) and pasta (which may be cooked separately or together with the rest).
Add the lobster bisque, which will provide a good base and mix
all the ingredients together. Sprinkle with parsley and serve.

Spaghetti with Clam Sauce

This is a simple, but delicious dish you can make at your home here at the http://www.starloftspgh.com

1 dozen littleneck clams

1 lbs of thin spaghetti

1/2 bunch of parsley

2 of garlic clove

extra-virgin olive oil

salt to taste

In a large bowl or pan, soak the clams in lightly salted water for at least 2 hours; every 30 minutes, use your hands to gently drain them without stirring up any sand that has filtered out; transfer them to a plate, change the water, which will have become cloudy, and add a pinch of salt. Be careful not to break the shells during this process.

Trim the parsley, removing only the leaves; wash and dry with a paper towel and finely chop. Crush and mince 1 garlic clove. 

Bring water to a boil in a large pot. Season with salt; add spaghetti and cook, stirring occasionally, until about 2 minutes before al dente. Reserve 1 cup pasta cooking water. 

Meanwhile, in a pan large enough to hold the clams and spaghetti, sauté the garlic with 4 Tbsp. oil for 30 seconds, then add the parsley.

After a few seconds, add the drained clams: cook them for 1-2 minutes until they start to open, then add 3 small ladlefuls of pasta cooking water.

Drain the spaghetti and transfer to the pan with the clams. Cook together for 1 minute, adding extra water pasta cooking water if needed. Cook until the pasta is al dente and a dense sauce forms due to the starch being released from the clams. Top with chopped parsley to taste and serve. 


Butterfly Magnet

This beautiful plant has a rounded, compact habit with flower spikes that can be as long as 12″. Just spectacular! Lavender Cupcake Buddleia is a great addition to any garden because it attracts butterflies like crazy, it’s an amazing pollinator, and hummingbirds love it as well.

This plant grows to a size of about 3′ 6″ high and wide and it responds well to pruning and should be cut back in the fall so it grows nice and full the following growing season.

Butterfly Bush, Buddleia ,Lavender Cupcake

Why Choose to Live in Downtown Pittsburgh?

There’s much to be stated concerning city living. The shops, the markets, the movie theaters, the nightlife– and also being able to stroll almost everywhere. Living in the city is so excellent there have been roughly 295 tv shows filmed in New York City alone.

While you might find more space in the suburbs, life in the ‘burbs could be a bit too laid back for those used to (or searching) the energy often found in the city. The suburbs also tend to be car-dependent, which could lead to additional car-related expenses like loan payments, maintenance, insurance, and gas.

Perhaps you moved to the suburbs, and are now thinking about returning to the city. Or maybe you’ve never lived in the city but want to give try it out. If you aren’t sure, here are some of the reasons you might want to consider renting a downtown apartment:

You want to live car-free

If you want to walk or bike to work, a downtown apartment might be ideal. For those rainy days, cities often provide mass transit options. Even if you work from home, there’s something to be said for being able to walk to the theater, Pittsburgh Symphony, strip district market, or coffee shop.

Entertainment options are everywhere

No matter what you enjoy — the theater, the opera, museums, local restaurants — you’ll find it in the city. Most large cities like Pittsburgh, have professional sports teams as well, so you can cheer on the hometown heroes. Unlike suburbs, where things are often buttoned up by 11:00 p.m., cities have much more nightlife and things to do after hours.

World-class shopping and dining

If having a wide variety of restaurants to choose from is important to you, cities often provide many more options than suburbs and small towns. Locally owned, independent cafes, bakeries, delis, and coffee shops are also more plentiful. Downtown boutiques and specialty shops provide the one-of-a-kind treasures shoppers crave, and mostly the convenience.

Why Choose Downtown Pittsburgh’s Theater District?

City neighborhoods are often very distinct, with each having its own personality and attractions. There’s often little definition between neighborhoods, with one leading seamlessly into the next. When choosing a downtown neighborhood, you’ll want to consider a variety of factors such as cost, your noise tolerance level to your apartment, proximity to work or public transit stops, and the type of housing you prefer.

Some cities are famous for their architecture, like the Victorians of San Francisco or the turn of the Century buildings of Pittsburgh. From high-rise buildings to historic lofts, cities provide a variety of housing options and this often varies by neighborhood. When moving to a city, you’ll want to research the neighborhoods and visit (if you are able) to get a sense of the area. Check out our video of your new home area at the http://www.StarLoftsPgh.com, we are sure you will be excited as we are about your new place! https://youtu.be/aPjjmcZ3zsI

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Have a Great Day! Janet

Your personal Gym at the Starlofts, working from home.

When you are working from your Starloft, there are really few diversions to pull you far from daily jobs. You do not need to rush from one conference room to another. Discussions aren’t taking place for you to be all ears on, and nobody is behind you sharing spoilers about the most recent episode of the program you haven’t seen yet. As far as getting work done goes, you’re on a roll!

But what if you discover yourself a little excessive “in the zone” and eight hours have gone by and you’ve barely moved from your desk? You think you got up once to refresh your coffee … however perhaps that was the other day. If this sounds familiar, consider scheduling in some stretching and finding a long time day-to-day to work out.

You may be thinking that this concept is excellent in theory, but not possible in your home. After all, you needed to set up a office in the corner of the living room and there isn’t anymore complimentary area for an exercise location. But with simply a little bit of planning, you can discover space for a home workout. Here’s how:.


The first step is to develop some area. It does not have to be a lot– just enough so that you can extend your arms out to either side and not touch anything. Lay flat and extend your arms behind you, as well. There need to be space for your arms and feet to fully extend.

If you think you’ll wish to stream exercise classes on your computer or TELEVISION, strategy your exercise location appropriately. Move your couch to the opposite wall and reconsider the coffee table. Perhaps put it to the side of the couch rather of in front of it. Or move it to an open area under the window. Eliminate any unnecessary clutter and furniture by saving it briefly in another room.


You don’t need a lot of expensive workout equipment. There are many workouts you can do without any devices at all, such as squats, lunges, push-ups, and slabs. But if you do desire a couple of tools for your exercises, think about the following:.

Little hand weights.Resistance bands.Yoga blocks. A step stool or action bench. An exercise ball. Ankle weights.

You don’t need a treadmill to do cardio. You could jump rope, walk or jog in location, or even placed on your favorite tune and dance. If you want something a little bit more difficult, a step stool or step bench may be ideal. Some video game consoles deal workout accessories if you prefer to exercise in game mode.

Keep your materials in a storage bench, closet, or integrated cabinet near your workout area. Keeping them nearby and easily accessible will make it easier to take fast workout breaks.


If you reside in an upper-level home, your leaping jacks might sound rather loud in the apartment or condo underneath you. A thick mat, such as a yoga mat, can assist absorb sound and minimize the effect. Attempt to manage your motions and make them extremely intentional– this can also assist reduce the noise level.


Prior to beginning any workout regimen, it’s a great idea to speak with your physician. Make sure to clear your space of any obstacles prior to carrying out exercises, and constantly stretch very first to avoid injury. According to Harvard Health, it’s an excellent concept to begin gradually and develop intensity gradually in time. Other suggestions include differing your workouts, remaining hydrated, and ending your workout session with a cool off.

Today is Fat Tuesday

Yes, it’s today. Fat Starloft Tuesday. The term “Mardi Gras” translated from French to English literally means “Fat Tuesday.” And in Pittsburghese it translates to “Fat Starloft Tuesday.”
It is the final day of Carnival season, the day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (tomorrow) and the last day before the season of fasting and penitence during the 40 weekdays before Easter.
Sounds like a perfect day for staying in your beautiful Starloft. Coincidence that it is Starloft Tuesday? I don’t think so.
You know what to do. See you for a tour at http://www.starloftspgh.com Tuesday.