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Backyard Park @ the StarloftPgh

Your new next door neighbor, the summer arts park is here in your Backyard at 8th & Penn, open Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-9pm! Enjoy free live performances, dance nights, local food trucks and more as you swing through the season!

For free family fun in the Cultural District, the Backyard at 8th & Penn is the place to be this summer! We’re kicking off July with the Backyard offerings below, but you can always stay up to date and find out more at

Remember, if you need a break from the excitement, just go into your home at

See you there, Best, Janet/Charlie

First Night at the

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust looks forward to ringing in 2022 with a bang – and a band — with the Byron Nash Trio headlining the Highmark First Night.

“The midnight show with Byron Nash on the Highmark main stage is going to be such a fun way to ring in 2022,” said Director of Festival Management Sarah Aziz.

The Byron Nash Trio will play from 10:45p to midnight. Before that you’ll be able to hear performances from other artists while checking out a parade, ice sculptures, theatre performances, acrobatics, and many other displays including an art installation from Australia featuring massive rabbits.

“In this Trust Oasis space are going to be the three baby rabbits and they stand about 12 feet tall, so they’re pretty little,” said Aziz. “Their momma rabbit’s going to be right over on 8th St. right on the other side of these buildings in that parking lot and she stands about 50 feet tall.”

The night will cap off with a fireworks grand finale at midnight.

“It’s just such a fun way to get out and enjoy the city, remember what it’s like to be out amongst people in a safe, fun, festive environment,” said Aziz.

The event is free and open to the public, but some portions of the event do require tickets which you will need to register for in advance.

For more information, click here. (

To attend these festivities, just go to your front door, and down your steps…you are there!

Have an Excellent 2020! Janet and Charlie

My Mom is the BOSS!

One Christmas morning the family went skiing (this was our tradition) and my mom stayed behind to “clean up Christmas.” That was code for I’m going to put it all away. As in, when we returned, any indication of Christmas was put away in storage. (She has always been a woman of action.)
With all the décor stored, the only thing remaining was the tree.
She had a brilliant idea. “I could just feed this tree slowly into the fireplace and then EVERYTHING from Christmas would be put away.” She maneuvered the tree into position and started to slowly feed the tree into the fireplace. It seemed like the plan was working. But then, in an instant, she realized the plan was NOT going to work AT ALL. There was a moment of panic and a moment of decision.
You see, the dry needles on the tree were burning faster than the trunk of the tree and the fire was burning the tree faster than she could push it into the fireplace. The details are sketchy – but in the end there were only 3 quarter-sized burns in the carpet.
Thank you mom for being exactly you. Happy Mother’s Day!