EASTER!!I’ll never forget it.

Saturday was the day for yardwork at our house. (after pancakes, of course.) As a kid it was my job to mow the lawn. We had a big back lawn and a big front lawn. It took about an hour to complete. At age 7 it became my job. I’m not sure how it became my job. But it was.
I took pride in doing a good job and it was especially important that I did it all by myself – with no help. It’s a kid thing I think. Because these days I’ll take any help I’ll can get.
Our back lawn was not particularly smooth. Ruts, divots and bumps were the norm. Why? That’s a story for another day. Earlier in the year my dad had purchased a new electric lawn mower. It was orange. It was an amazing lawn mower – except the LONG extension cord required to make it go. It was a job in itself to manage. You see, it’s bad when an electric lawn mower and the cord collide. The result is not pretty.
It was the Saturday before Easter about 45 years ago.
It took just a split second for the world to stop and change my life forever… It’s like I left a piece of my young self behind that day.
The rest of the story tomorrow.

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