The Week of LOVE – The Beginning

A week is better than a day. Sometimes maybe. I guess it just depends.
I remember a VERY early Valentine’s day in elementary school. We got to tape brown paper lunch bags to the front of our desks in the hopes that Valentine’s cards would show up. The night before THE BIG DAY I was busy at home cutting and pasting hearts and making handmade cards.

I learned this style of card making watching my older sister Diane handmake cards for boyfriend. She was SOOO good at it and SOOO creative. And I wanted to be JUST like her. I still do.

I made the reddest and pinkest multi-layered heart cards from construction paper and hand wrote a note on each card to all my classmates. (It was the same note to all of them.)

This is when it all started for me.

This was the first time that I remember misspelling a word on a small-scale produced item that was distributed to many associates. I misspelled the word friend. I’m not sure how I misspelled it but I did. I hope I spelled it right in this email.

Since then, I’ve misspelled words on tests, menus, these emails, scholarship applications (that was a doozey) and countless other things.
That’s how I remember the week of love. And you can fall in love the as well.

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