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Snow. I find it to be delicious

Same with a good nap. A great book.A weighted blanket. Sipping warm cocoa.

Slippers.All delicious.
The Norwegian word for this is:”Koselig”(the “g” is silent)
“Koselig is a Nordic state of mind focusing on coziness. It is a way to embrace and enjoy winter rather thanendure or suffer though it…”

Its fun and cozy at the in the winter!

Merry 🎄 Christmas to All!

Christmas in Pennsylvania

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2021 to all!!!

I know that this year has been filled with uncertainty and stressful times but hopefully you all have plans to enjoy the holidays in some way or another. Whether you are staying in or running to see family and friends, please be careful while you are celebrating!

Looking forward, I hope the new year brings with it hope, good health and prosperity for each of you!

I look forward to a great 2021, and we sincerely wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Janet & Charlie



Did you know?

On every continent there is
a city named Rome

Before going into space,
astronauts are not
permitted to eat beans

To keep food from freezing
Eskimos use refrigerators

In the 1830’s ketchup was
sold as medicine

When leaving a cave, bats
always turn left

Dogs can get toupees in

In Switzerland it is against
the law to slam your car

In Las Vegas it is a crime to
pawn your dentures

A group of toads is called a

The words orange, purple
and silver cannot be

Sneezes have been clocked
at 100mph

Ireland is the only country
in the world where
windmills turn clockwise

Getting around Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown is the most walkable neighborhood in Pittsburgh: it ’s easy to walk from one end of Downtown to the other in 25 minutes or less. Getting to major destinations like sports stadiums, local museums, restaurants, and more is all accomplished easily on foot.

When your home is the luxury apartments, walking is a breeze.

Biking Downtown Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh today is known as a city that supports and encourages bicycling, from protected bike lanes to bike shares to bike parking. Here are some of your options if you want to bike to or around Downtown.

Bicycle Racks in Downtown parking garages and on Port Authority buses
Do you live at the StarLoftsPgh luxury apartments? You are on Penn Av, which has dedicated bike lanes. All Port Authority bus routes are equipped with bike racks. Bikes can also be brought aboard the T or Mon Incline at any time and stowed in the designated wheel chair spaces.

What to do with your bike once you’re in Downtown ? All of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority Garages have free sheltered bike racks for public use. Click here to see a map of where the garages with bike parking are located. In addition, the Third Avenue Garage has a fix-it station open to the public and secure bike parking for lease.


Commuting by bike
Okay, you’ve decided to bike the whole way into Downtown but you’re not sure which roads to take. The first thing you should do is check out Bike Pittsburgh’s Biking 101 Guide for information on clothing tips, clothing tips, parking your bike, and safety precautions while enjoying your biking experience.

Then you should go to Bike Pittsburgh’s interactive city bike maps and riverfront trails maps that can show you the best way to get through and around the city while enjoying the gorgeous Pittsburgh scenery. If you’re coming from the East End, once you reach the 16th Street Bridge and Penn Avenue, pick up the Penn Avenue Bike Lane which takes you to Penn & Sixth Street. Or, if you’re coming from the North Shore, take the Clemente Bridge bike lane onto Sixth Street to Sixth and Penn Avenue.

At the, you are literally ON the bike lane.