How to Stay Positive in a Negative World

How to develop a Winning MindYou don’t need to look far to find negativity these days. Scroll the headlines or turn on your TV and you could quickly come to the conclusion that we live in a dark and angry place. But you can change that; both your belief about the world, and the world itself. The quickest way to change how you feel is to change how you think. Part of my purpose in life, I believe, involves contributing positively to the world. I want to be remembered for making a positive difference; therefore, I strive to live that legacy now, every day, with every interaction. Do I always succeed? Probably not. But I hold this aim high and give it my best. We have been programmed our whole lives to think negative and we didn’t even know it was happening. Listen to the news or the weather they always say partly cloudy, why not mostly sunny? What do we call traffic lights in America? STOP lights why not GO lights, or what type of clock do we set at night to get us up in the morning ALARM clocks, why not OPPORTUNITY clocks. We must be aware of the environment and purposely make a paradigm shift even if it makes us an outcast. If you could use a boost of positivity in your work and life, consider some of these ideas: 1. Surround yourself with positive peopleWho in your life seems to glow with positivity? Who inspires, uplifts, and challenges you to up your game? Consciously build a network of people who motivate you to be your best, then spend ample time with them. Be that source of light for others, too. 2. Infuse yourself with positivityPutting poor quality gas in your car will not help it run at peak performance. Similarly, how you fuel yourself will determine your experience as well. Read inspiring books, download helpful podcasts, watch encouraging movies, follow positive people on social media. Share acts of kindness at staff meetings. Create a physical environment of positivity. 3. Focus on what you can controlSo much is out of our hands, isn’t it? Focusing on that, however, can leave you feeling depleted and helpless. Determine what you can control and put your energy there. For example, you can control your responses, actions, words, and thoughts; you can, as Gandhi advised, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. You have more power than you realize, and when you keep your focus there, that power expands. 4. Look for the goodHave you ever decided to purchase a certain kind of car, then suddenly you see that car everywhere? We tend to find what we focus on: If you believe things are awful, you’ll find evidence to support that belief; if you believe life is a gift, you’ll find evidence to support that. Look for positivity. 5. Examine your daily routineHow do you start your mornings? How do you close out each day? How might you bring positivity into the activities you do regularly? One of my coaching clients uses her commute to send silent blessings to other drivers; another reflects on gratitude’s every evening as she brushes her teeth. Shine positivity into your already-established routines. 6. Choose to be positiveCan it be as simple as a choice? Like most things in life, positivity is a decision we can make in every moment. Set affirming boundaries in your work and life. Take action to support growth and joy. Begin the habit of pausing and thoughtfully choosing your response to situations rather than just reacting. Just remember that the outside world may seem negative and that it’s spinning out of control but it’s your inside world that you have 100% control of, as long as you control your thoughts, feelings, perception and actions. After all it is your choice and we live with the choices we make.  
Fortune is determined by our actions … it is in our mind that we decide to win. Winning Minds is all it takes!~Matt De La Cruz

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