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Les Miserables @ The Benedum

“One of the greatest Musicals ever Created!” Chris Jones, Chicago Trib

November 26 thru December 1 at Benedum Theater


Walk across 7th Penn Ave. from the right before the show.


Enjoy the Show!

Smoke & Mirrors – Live Performance

Sasha Velour’s first one-queen theater tour, is an effortless blend of drag, visual art, and magic. Velour introduces audiences to a whole new side of her artistry, through 13 dazzling and genre-busting lip-sync performances, all directed and choreographed by the queen herself. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as she explodes into rose petals, vanishes in a poof of smoke, saws herself in half, conjures a rainstorm, even transforms into a tree in front of your eyes (to name just a few). But the real magic is the way that these illusions and deceptions serve to unmask deeper truths, sparking fresh analysis of gender, fame, family, and the importance of dreaming big and living life over-the-top.


Tue, Oct 29, 2019, 7:30pm  at the Byham Theater a block away from your elegant loft

Star Lofts in the Heart of Pittsburgh’s Theater District

Warriorz Chicken and Rib Throw Down Inaugural October 12th, 2019

October 12th, from 11am to 7pm at the Greene County Fairgrounds.

Warriorz Chicken and Rib Throwndown

Take a trip to Chicken and Rib Throw Down for the BBQ lover.


This is just an hour drive from your place at the

Star Lofts in the Heart of Pittsburgh’s Theater District


This is a food excursion for the BBQ lover.  This is a friendly competition for the entrants.


Oasis for Public Art

Oasis is a public space dedicated to showcasing limited runs of interactive art pieces.

This showcase in this  public space will have limited runs of interactive art pieces.

This artspace is right next to the  Call us for a tour of the or the Penthouse Starloftw @ 139 7th Street.


Have a great day!